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To thrive in a service-based market, you need to be at the top of your game.

We, at PM painters Melbourne, understand this.

Our talented team of accredited & insured painters ensures that we understand and cater to your needs with the utmost precision.

We know that your home is where your heart is at, so we make sure we work with safety, integrity & the expertise to deliver the best work possible.

Our business comes mainly through our past customers, and that makes us proud- it indicates we are doing things right, and our clients cherish us.

We’ve been in the business of adding a splash of color to drab localities for over a decade. So whether you want to brighten up your suburban home or give your commercial complex a chic makeover- we’re here to help!

At PM painters Melbourne, we take pride in going above and beyond to cater to your painting needs.

We specialize in specialized services. So whether you need faux finishes or stenciling over graffiti coverage, we’re here to help!

Getting an expert paint job done in Melbourne is as easy as getting in touch with us.

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