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Exterior paint jobs are time-consuming for a reason. No two structures are similar. That is why you’d need to customise the approach for a paint job.

Our expert exterior painters in Melbourne balance factors like the local weather, size area and location of the structure against your preferences & budget. The result: a custom made plan for your exterior painting Melbourne job

This method ensures your paint job lasts for the longest time.

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Is Hiring An Exterior Painting Melbourne Service Worth The Time And Money?

The answer is: Yes!

We give you not one, but six reasons why!

1. For Aesthetics

A new coat of paint is the perfect remodelling project: you can give a whole new life to your estate without any additional construction. It will also allow you to fine-tune your estate’s colour palate according to your taste.

2. Great Return On Investment

They say exterior paints offer an ROI of a whopping 141%. While this may be an exaggeration, there is definite proof that exterior paint expenses give an RoI of 51% at least. In simpler terms: your exterior paint job will give you value for your money and more.

3. It Can Increase Your Property’s Value

It turns out people do judge a book by its cover. That is why it is essential to give your property a coat of paint- especially if you’re trying to rent or sell.
Exterior painting can up your property value by 5 per cent!
4. Protection Against Damage

your property’s exterior paint is a protective coat that shields it from dust & weather damage. It prevents mildew growth and even stops pest infestations. A good coat of exterior paint can protect seepage damage to your interiors too.

5. Regular Touch-up Equals Closer Inspections

Painting your home’s exterior can help you save money for repairs in the future. Priming before painting ensures you detect any developing damages and pest infestations and stops them in their tracks.

6. Exterior Painting Melbourne Will Keep Your Property Looking Brand New

Your walls are subject to various weathers on a regular basis, and Melbourne’s unpredictable weather can wreck havoc on your walls, or atleast cause weather marks & stains.

Repainting is the best way to erase those marks that your walls have developed over the years. Similarly, the best way to keep exterior floors shiny new is to upgrade them with a regular coat of paint.

When you choose the right contractor, painting your home can be an extremely budget-friendly renovation. Contact us today to get a quote within your budget for all exterior painting Melbourne services!

At PM Painters Melbourne, we can help you with more than just painting your walls.

We can help you remove graffiti, add a layer of weather protectant and water sealant, and even change the texture of the outer walls to increase your curb appeal.

Our team has the expertise of helping you with all the exterior painting Melbourne services you might need from roof painting to floor touch-ups.

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If your house needs to be rescued from flaking, chipping or shabby looking paint, We’re the men to the rescue.

Our team can paint on all problematic areas over any surface: be it over exterior walls, fascia, rusted metal, aluminium siding, eavestrough, plaster, timber or composite. We don’t just tend to walls and roofs. We can also paint on railings, stucco, patios, fences, & even decks.

When your property needs that fresh coat of paint, we’d be at your service with our specialised tools and paints.

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